Friday, September 28, 2007

On A Sour Note...

I've been craving these all afternoon...

& just now a craving for this....


If people are crackheads, and I use that term loosely, why aren't they sent to jail, especially when there is evidence? I mean real prison not just some cushy county lockup that rivals a mohell seis, although for some people that's the same thing. Are we saying that we're cool with this happening and people idolizing amoral drug addicts or alcoholics? I'm just interested to know at what point did not being in full control of yourself at all times become something to aspire to...

Seasonal Cleaning

I was clearing out my email this morning when I came across a blog entry that I had drafted back in July. Everything I said then still applies now, the only difference is time. So it is without further delay that I present this post...

Dated July 3rd, 2007

So I realized, yesterday that I have been in Arizona for almost a year now. My the time has flown by! It was definitely one of those holy crap moments that is very surreal. I look back on all that has happened and some of it makes me laugh and some parts of it are a little depressing, but over all it's been mostly blessing after blessing. Things have fallen into place better than I could have imagined. Who would have ever thought that I would end up doing what I am doing now? So not my personality. But I do well at it. While I don't plan on being here forever, for now it works.

What? I couldn't post this without at least one randomly good image. Time for me to go watch some Golden Girls...

Thursday, September 27, 2007

All Around the World...

In my many travels of teh internets, I happened to stumble across this particular point of interest.

Cheers to EWB style signage and the ever user friendly English language.

Tuesday, September 25, 2007

About Last Night

OK so to my dismay I missed the first half of the good show... which obviously sucked, but I did end up watching a really interesting show after that. Mind bottling. ;) It's now a perma-link affixed to the side of my blog. In any event happy Tuesday! Ice cream for everyone come over at 2.

Monday, September 24, 2007

My Good Friend Has Returned

I'm so very excited for the return of some good friends

I had almost forgotten, but now I remember, no wonder I was inexplicably happy this morning :D

I'm Too Tired

So you're getting sloppy seconds.... this was originally posted in June, but I thought it might still be funny.

So, not too sure how long ago, my dear sister informed me of a rather hilarious blog. ANYWAY it was during a particularly slow day at work. Needless to say I laughed rather hard at a few of them.. The gist of the site is that while everyone enjoys the airring of grievances, just like festivus, some people can only bring themselves to express theirs in writing. Others who have been so good natured as to find humor in said notes submitted their findings for the joy of others. ;D Among other topics there were several that covered other people's food at work...

So to personalize this, about two weeks ago I had brought a frozen "healthy choice" pizza for lunch, but never really got around to eating it. A little back ground on this, in the freezers at work there are some similar boxed meals which have been in the freezer for months! Well, on Friday, I was planning on eating that for lunch. Well imagine my surprise when I get to the freezer and said pizza was no where to be found! Don't worry too much, fortunately I also had another meal in there which I am most certain I had brought in another two weeks prior...meaning that it had been in there for almost a month. Immediately upon finding this I emailed my dear sister to inform her of the coincidence.

"Oh you're gonna die! Jesus doesn't steal Healthy Choice Supreme Frenchbread Pizza either! haha I thought the pizza I brought would still be in the fridge alas no it was least I still had the lemon chicken."

She responded fairly quickly "You should totally make a note about Jesus stealing pizza."

To which I said "Yeah except I would never actually post it up here I'd probably get in trouble. I should put up something lame like, 'MISSING: PIZZA' and launch into excessive detail of how delectable it is or was supposed to be until my hopes/dreams were dashed, 'way to ruin my Friday and the weekend. you suck!'"

About five seconds ater sending this second response I came up with the ultimate slogan...

Ok so it's really truly funny when you know me and the relationship that I have with my sisters and our combined sense of humor....What a week :D That's ok though because it was all made up for by free ice cream being passed out in the afternoon...speaking of healty choices.

Thursday, September 20, 2007


For those of you who say you haven't seen anything good today...
Red Neck or White Trash?For the eternal optimistSounds like a trip to VegasA local specialty
Moral of the Story: Don't use public transportation.

Brings new meaning to the question, "What's your handicap?"
No Comment

Who does that?

One Year

What do you give on the first anniversary? I have been playing in the sandbox for a year now, and I look back and the time seems to have simply flown by. Thinking back over it, I feel like I have come a long way from where I was. In some respects that is true, while in others it is not.
What am I missing that in these areas I feel that I remain stagnent? How do I pull myself out or will myself to move forward especially when I cannot see that I am stuck?

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Food Glorious Food..

OK so I'm not talking entirely about some smörgåsbord I've had, but close enough. Lately I've been into these.

I did watch a show on how they were made, on the food glorious food channel. The funny thing is I used to turn my nose up at these...that is until I finally had some, about a year ago when my friend got married. Except then I had more self-control, and instead of about ten at a time I had more like one a day...who does that?

But anyway grab yourself a few and try them out I think you will agree that they are fairly tasty. If you happen to be allergic to nuts, I'll simply laugh in your face as I eat them all use a little common sense and avoid them. Remember, safety first.

Apparently this traffic cop is a fan of Michael Jackson's

Do I Know You?

OK so I was looking up some art work by a certain artist because there is one of his pictures that I really like

In looking through his other works to find that one I came across this...
I thought to myself that little girl looks so familiar...but honestly I have no idea who she looks like.

Ode To Elastic

Yesterday when I feigned was over come with illness. I ran some errands and on my return trip home I noticed something which I had never really taken note of until yesterday.

Just in case you can't read that sign too well it says Harlett Fest.... I thought to myself, "That's ONE way to sell a house in a slowing market!" Or maybe they are just discretely advertising...They appeal to all types with claims like:

"I'm Beautiful Inside" -for the intellectual

Pool -for the outdoorsy & athletic types

"Reduced Price" -for the cheap skate in all of us(...maybe the beautiful inside and this one go hand in hand?)

And the ever popular multi-lingual facet -for the well seasoned traveller, and those who prefer the exotic.

Who wouldn't want a house with so much to offer? If they are selling, they certainly have come up with a great way for this house to practically pay for itself! However, it is quite scandalous, considering that less than a block away is a smellementary school...

maybe that's why they say the house is "reduced price"

*UPDATE: The garage plays host to a Porsche, BMW SUV, & a Corvette apparently this is a "fruitful" endeavor.

Monday, September 17, 2007

My Addiction to Good Fashion Part Deux

An addendum to the first entry: Is it a bad thing to see people in church and want to nominate them for WNTW? I just think wow you could look so much better if someone taught you how to dress well and do your hair much better...
Maybe it's the same thing that happens when you watch too much of the same thing or play DM for too long and you just visualize it everywhere.

Sunday, September 16, 2007

I get too much enjoyment out of this

Your Life is Rated PG

Your life is pretty family friendly. The worse someone is going to get from you is brief nudity or toilet humor.

Your Theme Song is Back in Black by AC/DC

"Back in black, I hit the sack,
I've been too long, I'm glad to be back"

Things sometimes get really crazy for you, and sometimes you have to get away from all the chaos.
But each time you stage your comeback, it's even better than the last!

Saturday, September 15, 2007

My Addiction to Good Fashion

I, along with my sisters and mother, am addicted to What Not to Wear. This past weekend I heard one of my favorite descriptions of the most hideous shoe I have ever seen..."Space hooker emo crock" I seriously fell off the couch after I heard that one. I wish I could include a picture but alas...none to be found. Hopefully I will be able to find something just as hideous somewhere on the internets.

Thursday, September 13, 2007

"Book 'Em Dan-O I'm 5-0"

IIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII'm fifty! I'm fifty posts old. I like to kick and turn AAAAAAAAAAAANNND KICK.

Who knew when I started I would have so much to ramble on about? Proof of my womanly prowess. There's been good laughs, some not so happy posts, a couple of rants, and some sap happy expressions of love and appreciation.

I even picked up a few very kick-a$$ bloggy friends who make me laugh every day. There are also other blogs in my repertoire, and although I've tried to delurk on most of these, there are probably a few I have yet to do so on. ;D Wow that was extremely verbose, and not sure that it made a whole lot of sense either.

I like to kick and turn AAAAAAAAAAAANNND pose.

Yay for good times
yeah yeah yeah I know it's a little late for that, but better late than never

2nd place...Not too Shabby

Here is the contest...
Back in July, because my friends encouraged me, I won some cash money for shucking corn. woohoo! Well Regional Finals were last night. I didn't win, but I came in close second. It started out with six finalists from previous competitions. First round of elimination, corn shucking. Still in but just barely. Second round, "cow patty" toss, I still can't believe I passed through that one. Third round, Watermelon seed spitting contest. I passed this one, we were now down to the final three. I would like to thank my father for teaching me and all of us girls how to spit. Fourth and final round, Diaper two baby dolls, hang up three pieces of clothing on the clothes line two clothes pins each, and shuck two more ears of corn.
They said go, I hurried as fast as I could, but those dang velcro tabs were on there good and tight, it didn't really help that my hands were shaking like crazy either. One of the baby dolls was a little on the chubby side for premie diapers....oh well. Last one up from diapers I raced down to the other end for laundry duty. This is where I picked up a little of that lost time, but not enough! One other girl and I made it to the ears of corn, but danged if I didn't pick the wrong basket! I barely opened one ear when she finished. Whoa baby! Since it was only the regional finals the winner gets to fly to Nashville, TN for the real finals. Since I can't really take any more time off of work...I settle for this memento. Cowboy Troy & Me....crazy

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Saucy Tart...Check

Thanks to Carrot Jello for this one ;)
Your Inner Retro Girl Is

1950s Pinup

Tag Your It! *Sigh*

Crap cakes... I was never really fond of playing regular old tag, I prefer sardines and crazy silly games like that. However, having been raised in a house of two recreation majors, you always play the games even if they're not your favorites. So in honor of being a good sport here it goes...

A is for age: 24 what's funny is that half the time when people ask me how old I am I don't remember I really have to think about it
B is for breakfast: Fresh pineapple, ginger snaps, and a handful of supplements
C is for career: professional obsessive compulsive in accounting
D is for dog's name: I wish I had my own but I still claim the family dog Emma & MW's, Cody, as he is almost more excited to see me than BL these days ;) I have also been given permission to claim two more precious puppers PH & DZ I love them all!
E is for essential item I use everyday: toothbrush, floss
F is for favorite TV show: Alias.
G is for favorite game: chicken foot
H is for hometown: Columbia, SC
I is for instruments I play: used to be a little piano, but it got stepped on so now I have to use the regular sized one
J is for favorite juice: pomegranate
K is for kitchen, what color is it?: some off-white eggshell, ecru, yada yada yada
L is for the last place I ate out: Applebee's
M is for Marriage:
"Mrs D, Mrs I, Mrs F F I, Mrs C, Mrs U, Mrs LTY-"
N is for nickname: BBC, SJ, etc.
O is for overnight hospital stays: Thankfully only shortly after I was born.
P is for people I was with today: 26 & counting
Q is for quote: “The less you felt, the louder you proclaimed your selfless love and servitude to others, in dread of ever letting them discover your own self, the self that you betrayed, the self that you kept in concealment, like a skeleton in the closet of your body. And they, who were at once your dupes & your deceivers, they listened and voiced their loud approval, in dread of ever letting you discover that they were harboring the same unspoken secret. Existence among you is a giant pretense, an act you all perform for one another, each feeling that he is the only guilty freak…”
R is for regret: letting little things bother me.
S is for sport: I can watch any sport live not via TV. To play, I prefer non-contact sports.
T is for time I woke up today: 6:23...LATE!
U is for favorite piece of undergarment: My black biker complements of keep my thighs from making out like two hormonal teenagers.
V is for last vacation I took: what's a vacation?
W is for worst habit: preference for hermitage
X is for number of xrays: too many to count! Yay for the teeth!
Y is for yummy food I ate today: Carolina's, fresh pineapple, ginger snaps.
Z is for zodiac: Taurus

Monday, September 10, 2007

Fire it up Kitty

I got nuthin'

I'm presently suffering from a bout of feeling rather uninspired about anything even the regular nonsense of the day to day. Translation: no blog inspiration. Although...what literary term is that called? Is it considered ironic because I'm blogging about having nothing to blog about? If that infamous show about nothing were still on the air this would be great material. However I do find myself fresh out of material. I'm going to be living this week because: This little sass muffin needs a break!

I'm going on vacation...

Why? you ask, because...I'm sure I'll overhear something of random amusement, until then I leave you with this conundrum...

If cats always land feet first, and buttered toast always lands buttered side down, what will happen if you strap buttered toast buttered side up to the back of a cat and toss it?

The Streak

I just had to share this with you all.

This woman must have PMS.

Friday, September 7, 2007


In other pants are falling off again! Woohoo. I LOVE BALLET! or just dance in general. It may just be that they need to be washed and thrown in the dryer again; but the mere fact that when I stood up straight my pants started to stand away from my body and slide down, made me beam! OK this sounds quite scandalous...**no flashing or mooning was involved**... But yes I hope to become the indcredible shrinking woman least until I hit that range where I feel just good in general and not like a total chubbs anymore ;D

Thursday, September 6, 2007

The Dishes Are Done

The closet is finished & it looks lovely; I must say!

You Eat Pieces of Crap For Breakfast?

OK so snack time has come early today, but when you see today's nominations you will understand why, once again this one is due in great part to glittersmama, thank you thank you.

Weston at the Waffle!

Wednesday, September 5, 2007

What Goes Up Must Come Crashing Down, With A Bang

Last Friday afternoon I was looking forward to some serious R&R on Monday, after moving into my new place. I fully expected that it would take most of the day on Saturday & Sunday afternoon to get situated which was ok by me because I had Monday to actually take the “me” time.

On Saturday morning, I decided to properly celebrate moving out of the emotionally toxic waste dump that was my former apartment (ok so maybe it wasn’t that bad, or at least I didn’t think it was, but whatev the reign of terror is over.)

It was so good I cried a little
(ok so I almost starting sobbing uncontrollably, but I loved every minute of it! and I’m going back for seconds this weekend! yay for coupons)

But I digress

So the room is finally pulled together and looking good.
I decided to go ahead and call it a night.
I crawled into bed looking forward to the grand possibility of sleeping in the next day…

Bright & early Monday morning roughly between the hours of two and three am my closet decided to spontaneously combust.
Translation: the pole came crashing down. Having been through this experience a couple years ago, I promptly rolled over and went back to sleep & while nodding off again thought, “I’ll handle this tomorrow.”

About 6 hours later I emerged fully refreshed and ready to face the daunting task ahead…yeah right
But I got up anyway having completely forgotten about the whole closet thing. When the incident was refreshed to my memory, I removed the clothing from the fallen rod. I examined the fixtures and realized that the weight of the everything that was hung on the bar was too much for the flimsy fixtures that were in there, and not only that but this had not been the first time something like this had happened either. I thought to myself, “Maybe it wouldn’t have come down if I didn’t have so many skeletons in the closet” ;)
So ever in need of help, I called Lady for some expert creative advice. I got quite a few suggestions as to how to proceed with the fixing of the problem. I decided to try out the first one which was to install a closet organizer so I trot myself on over to the closest hardware store. Thankfully it’s less than a mile from the house.

I also intended to put up the same hardware just slightly reinforced, this meant a few other fastening accoutrements to secure the flange. I realized after I left the store that this installment would also require the use of some tools, which I did not have in my possession. Naturally, I gave Methodical Wormer a call to procure said instruments.

I returned to the scene of the crime, opened the box and much to my chagrin this required the use of other instruments which I have no tolerance for (OK so I have the tolerance to use this stuff, but being OCD means that the quest for perfection would exceed the length of my patience). I thought, I can eye it up or just “fake it” so in testing the height of the equipment I also discovered that this white elephant I was thinking of installing would be completely obsolete. Frustration, anguish, a phone call & a foot of duct tape later the white elephant was returned to the store!

Post ridding myself of said nuisance, I took my second tour of the local hardware store which included stops at the plumbing supply section as well as the closet section. I love my ghetto fab life! I even nosed around the power tools section paying particular attention at this point of interest, but hurriedly decided I need to go home and get this done today, so straightway went to the checkout. The individual who was checking the merchandise, questioned my particular choice of closet rod combo’d with my choice of flange. I must note here that it was glittersmama’s suggestion that “[I] should have hit the criticizing man at Lowe's with the seven foot piece of pipe that [I was] purchasing. Not here, or here so much, but right along here...”

Where was I?
Oh yes.

As soon as I was out of the store I immediately phoned Lady, recounted the happening, and during this conversation with her determined that since MW’s cordless drill was dead & I had no idea where to begin looking for the charger; it was high time I acquired one of my own. So…you guessed it. ROUND 3 :D At least this time I didn’t have to drive all the way home & back to figure it out ;) Except this time I called Loofy, (Lady’s husband) to get the low down on what goods to purchase. After about 5 minutes it was a done deal.

By this time there was a wonderful perfume filling the air that was coming from the other end of the parking lot. What was it you ask well let me show you…

I get the goods home, and alas to my dismay, I find out that the new battery requires a minimum charge of 9 hours…double grr. I found a few things to distract me and take up time to prepare for the next step in this lovely process and discovered that it required yet another trip to my new found hangout. Except this time I knew exactly what I needed and where to get it. I was a woman on a mission!
I return home. Battery still needs to charge. I realize that hoping I would be able to complete the project on this day was futile. This came only after bullseye hopping for about 3 hours and returning MW’s now dead battery drill. I took the clothes off my bed and then placed them neatly on the floor.

I marked where I was going to place the flanges, and then collapsed into bed.

Tuesday evening after work, I mounted the flanges as well as the now severely deformed center support before heading off to ballet. I plan on finishing this sweet little project this evening. Hopefully it won’t take FOR-EV-ER.

One thing I have learned thus far is that I like playing with power tools!