Sunday, September 27, 2009

Oh Really?

So I was doing some searching after that most heinous video that I posted a little while back.

I was curious to find out what other insanities other nuggets of pure dating gold I could find.

I happened upon two things.

First was this little beauty:

More flirting advice
Its very simple really, if u fancy them, which hints do u give? looking at them and then looking away? especially the treat um man keepum keen thing. if a boy is rrely being niceto you and you are nice to him and he suddenly turns nasty its not that he doesnt like you its just the rules thing. heis trying to hint!!!.

Tell him/her directly...since both of u like each other and u already knew that he/she likes u..then juz tell him/her DIRECTLY how u feel!!!dun waste time anymore...act now!!!if u r a gal and ur cruch is a shy guy..then u should take a move..or else..both of u won haf any chance...see...

I dnt thnk it is a gud idea for girls to tell the guys that she likes him first... it is for a simple reason that the guy may be turned off on her bcoz he will thnk shes aggressive and ol!! but there are exemptions.. it ac2ally depends on the person n the very first place... agree?.

I think that the spelling's a nice touch don't you? This is some classy stuff here people

So that's how you do it?

Friday, September 25, 2009

This Is Me...Sharing the Smarts

As promised I have some new blogifiable gems or nuggets if you will that I have collected from my time in school. My Anat & Phys lab class is proving to be quite the fountain of obsurd sayings.

For example a few weeks ago we took a field trip to Chemistry town...except we didn't get off the bus. That's one of the first official drive by field trips I have ever taken. I have a feeling that it will be the first of many. During said field trip, I learned what the most "ghettofied" (his term, not mine) definition of chemistry is, hooking up.

I did learn that sand attracts lightning, which would explain this

The person who teaches my lab is not the same instructor for the class. Let me clarify that point right now.

This past Tuesday I learned the difference between Samiches and Sandwiches.

Sandwiches- What you get at Subway.
Samiches- What you make at home.

One of the last pieces of advice that I received in class Tuesday was to ask, the next time I see a nervous person, how their buttcrack is doing.

I think this class will be the most beneficial to my social life.

Oh PS I finally figured out what the Fluid Mosaic Model really is.

Wednesday, September 23, 2009


I'm sorry, but it's over. It used to be mutually beneficial. You'd make me laugh. I'd leave a comment, we'd both walk away happy. Now when I look at you I cry a little because all I see are chores to be done and things that aren't funny anymore.

Translation. I'm just scaling back readership on a few blogs that I haven't visited in a while.

Don't worry this shouldn't affect our friendship.

Oh wait, what was that?

Yeah. I think you are right. We've never met IRL, and I can barely keep up with those friends at the moment.

I think I'll probably end up doing the occasional appearances type of thing like Santa Claus & the Easter Bunny & maybe even the Tooth Fairy.


I guess that means I'll see you at Christmas? ;)

trauma oh the trauma, oh wait or was that drama?

I love you all, but(and that's a BIG but!) school is kicking my trash. I promise I'll be up for air in a little while ;)

You Call THAT Studying?

Alrighty, so the other day, Lady happened into my room. I'm not gonna lie it's a scary hot mess. She informed me of this, and so I started to do a little more picking up to get things in a "manageable" way.

While sifting through things and rearranging, I found a nail kit which included a little handy dandy tool for fake tips. A buffer. I thought I would smooth out my nails a little bit. Big mistake. I went a little crazy and over did it. ow. Let me repeat that. OW! That's better. So in effort to give my nails a little more back up/ support/ strength/ thickness-whatever-you-want-to-call-it I painted them with a coat of clear polish.

Ever since I had my last sandbox pedi back in February. Which included no less than three colors, to make an argyle pattern, and black jewels for fun. A plain regular coat of polish, regardless of color, doesn't really cut it for me. It still looks boring. I see it as a canvas that has yet to be explored.

Thus it was that when I sat down to do my homework, it resulted in this.

I have learned a few things from this little experiment.
A. Sharpie on your nails rubs off pretty quick.
2. Wait for the Sharpie to dry BEFORE you paint another clear coat over the Sharpie layer.
D. Regardless of how dry the Sharpie drawing is it'll still bleed a little when painted over with nail polish.

Maybe I should try another brand of nail polish next time?

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Lessons From Google Reader

Today I went through my reader account since they (<- read the wonderful people at blogger) decided it would be super cool to move my entire following list to the google reader, without telling. Thanks guys! Really! Way to add a little extra stress to my day.

Welp, since it all showed up together I had about 300 unread posts. What I learned from going through the Subscriptions list was that some people post way too much. 50 posts in like, a week's time? That's just a little ridiculous. I understand you want to build and keep a reader base, but honestly? Not everything you think needs to be noted on the blog for blogsterity.

Another thing I learned? I have some funny OLFs I ♥ them, and would like to read them on a more regular basis, but school is kicking my trash two tests last week and two this week with no end currently in site, and things only promising to get harder. It is a dark time my friends, at least on the blog. My mind however is a different story with all the light and knowledge coming in I just hope my brain doesn't get sunburned or fried for that matter.

I'll skip the hannibal lector(sp?) joke there, that's a little too g-ross for me.

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Anatomy & Psychoticology

Today while going over an exam review I happened upon this particular question.

"What is the fluid mosaic model and how [do]* substances move across it?"

The first answer that came to mind?

The alleged process of how Picasso learned to paint. Step One: The participant imbibes beverages of an alcoholic nature. Step Two: The participant proceeds to make an attempt at painting. Step Three: The participant repeats steps one and two while dancing around the studio like a goth at a techno rave to Pink Floyd's Dark Side of the Moon, until the desired level of inebriation is reached OR until the painting is complete....OR until the participant passes out.**

It's official I need a break from studying.

*This is another reason school is driving me crazy. My online class is the hardest one on my schedule however most if not all of the literature posted by the professor is riddled with sp?'s of the most inane nature. I'm half tempted to ask to proof and edit his material so that it makes sense. Whether I'd get extra credit or not. I don't care. Either way it would save a little piece of my sanity every time I have to work on my assignments!

**Something to keep in mind was that this so called "process" was more of a mental image rather than a truly descriptive detailed list of procedures.

AAAAAAND this is why I decided to share my recent bout of insanity with you all. Please enjoy. :D

I rest my case.

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Hello Again Dear Weather Channel!

Today they featured something akin to dueling banjos. It was great.