Thursday, June 21, 2007

This is too far...

Ok for those of you who really know me know I am a very touchy kind of person that's just the way that I am; but I have also learned that many people prefer not to be touched. So until it is either brought up or initiated by the other person, I usually don't demonstrate this side of myself. I found an article today in which they stated that they had banned touching in a school, all together...

What were they thinking? Obviously there is some validity but the assumption that by not allowing touch makes "all students...comfortable" and keeps "crowded hallways and," is assinine what about that percentage that now feel uncomfortable b/c they can't hug their friends or even give them a high five? People are lame...I agree with the parents that said they don't want their kid to feel like touch is a negative thing when on the contrary it's vital to our existence!

Let's face it though in a middle school full of raging hormones, that is well over capacity, it is tough to keep them under control sometimes. I can see where they would believe that this is a logically ideal solution.

....Whatever just hug me....

Monday, June 18, 2007

Passive Agressive

So, not too sure how long ago, my dear sister informed me of a rather hilarious blog. ANYWAY it was during a particularly slow day at work. Needless to say I laughed rather hard at a few of them. The gist of the site is that while everyone enjoys the airring of grievances, just like festivus, some people can only bring themselves to express theirs in writing. Others who have been so good natured as to find humor in said notes submitted their findings for the joy of others. ;D Among other topics there were several that covered other people's food at work...

So to personalize this, about two weeks ago I had brought a frozen "healthy choice" pizza for lunch, but never really got around to eating it. A little back ground on this, in the freezers at work there are some similar boxed meals which have been in the freezer for months! On Friday, I was planning to eat my healthy choice for lunch. Well imagine my surprise when I get to the freezer and said pizza was no where to be found! Don't worry too much, fortunately I also had another meal in there which I am most certain I had brought in another two weeks prior...meaning that it had been in there for almost a month. Immediately upon finding this I emailed my dear sister to inform her of the coincidence.

"Oh you're gonna die! Jesus doesn't steal Healthy Choice Supreme French bread Pizza either! haha I thought the pizza I brought would still be in the fridge alas no it was least I still had the lemon chicken."

She responded fairly quickly "You should totally make a note about Jesus stealing pizza."

To which I said "Yeah except I would never actually post it up here I'd probably get in trouble. I should put up something lame like, 'MISSING: PIZZA' and launch into excessive detail of how delectable it is or was supposed to be until my hopes/dreams were dashed, 'way to ruin my Friday and the weekend. you suck!'"

About five seconds after sending this second response I came up with the ultimate slogan...

OK so it's really truly funny when you know me and the relationship that I have with my sisters and our combined sense of humor....What a week :D That's ok though because it was all made up for by free ice cream being passed out in the afternoon...speaking of healthy choices.

Oh My!

I just realized how vain I am. Or at least that is how some people term it. Personally I like to believe that I am just gorgeous. I need to or who else is going to believe it? They might but it will be a much rarer event to hear them say it, as most would be too jealous to be that honest. I find that only the people who truly love you aren't afraid to tell you anything either from, "hey that's not the best look for you" to "no woman has looked better and no one ever will..." (Can anyone tell me where that's from?)

Let me just preface this by explaining that I am very critical of my own picture. While I know that I look good in real life ;), my pictures don't always convey how I see myself. Interesting thought, maybe I'm not really supposed to be a photographer. But every now and then you get that one really good picture that just tends to capture it all; the true mark of a great photographer: they can get it all in one shot...however it does help to be slightly photogenic.....

Well, back to story...I was looking at another site which has a particularly nice picture of myself posted on it, and without realizing it I just found myself staring away at it, my eyes mostly which I love, and I'm completely blathering on here but then again that's what a blog is for isn't it? shameless drivel and nonesuch...or was that nonsense? In any event it hit me just how conceited that was or seems, but then I could also explain it away by saying that I just appreciate natural beauty ;) I would say judge for yourself, but honestly I don't care what you think, the only opinions that come close are my sisters'. In the end though there is only one opinion that counts.

Wednesday, June 13, 2007

I love Celtic Music

Something about it just speaks to my soul. Maybe it's my Irish roots...but then again who wouldn't be happy singing songs with their best mates in a pub? Not that I've ever experienced that ;) In any event some more randomness to digest. U2's Where the Streets Have No Name reminds me of driving among the mountains in Utah. The Corrs make me happy, as does Carbon Leaf, Lick the Tins, & The Nightwatchman. Go figure.

Strange but true

OK so every Halloween without fail they always play Michael Jackson's Thriller at some dance party, and if you don't know the dance you secretly wish that you did. Well my goal is to learn the dance from start to finish from the video! Let's face it he had some moves sweeter than those portrayed by John Heder in Napoleon Dynamite back in the day. The ideal would be to work on it at least 2 times a week, in hopes to have it down pat by October 31st or there abouts in order to perform for public display or at least amongst my friends.

Welcome to my random musings

As I have figured out recently that I have a lot more time on my hands than suspected, I decided to finally take the plunge...not that one ;) Starting my own blog. Whilst it may not be so interesting as that of mi familia I figured I'll at least find something funny to write about. This will also serve as the perfect place for my anonymous musings which I can freely express without added drama of the people in the situation etc.

I work to be drama free but let's face it everybody's got it. I have found that people crave drama. Simply look at all the reality based television. There's your answer. The slightly lesser known & seldom spoken accompanying thought is, "so long as it's not mine." With that in mind let me spew forth random dramas from my life for your enjoyment...because after all it's not yours ;)