Saturday, August 14, 2010

Pump Up the Jam

Yes, that's right folks still here and kicking. This summer has been a little cuckoo with the hours I was keeping as a lifeguard. That brief stint however has come to a close, much to my strange relief. In any event I have since been tasked with putting together the music for the YSA dances. Talk about making my day. The only real problem here is that I like all different kinds of music and dancing, while not everyone else is quite as open in their tastes. It also doesn't help with finding good fast songs to dance to, that don't openly inspire one to start jumping around like they were in Olivia Newton-John's music video of Physical revisited, or isn't obscene, explicit or profane, however redundant those three terms might seem. Believe me, when it comes to music and selecting tunes that will get the booties on the floor for that special night, I'm scrugglin' and yes I know I sp'd that one.

As for me I'm little on the nostalgic side at present so I would like to expand the repertoire beyond last month's top 40's to the actual 40's to present and everything in between, especially some world music or again something outside the realm of pop/soft rock, although I'm not ashamed to throw down a little Celine for a good slow song, but more likely not a song that graced the top 20 to our ever lasting annoyance and super secrety shower singing fondness. ;) In any event I'm having a pretty decent time skimming my personal collection of tunes and coming up with what will probably be way too much.

Another task I'm attempting to undertake is to teach little mini-dance lessons before we actually get started bringing back some classics like waltz, fox trot, and other fun ones like swing, salsa and for solo options, line dances. That's right hopefully most of the kids won't remember how awkward the macarena really was ;). Meh. Whatever it takes to get those backsides however dubious and caught up in cool to shake a little on the floor.

So, my question is this: any suggestions of sweet tunes to play next friday evening?