Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Werewolves of London

Warren Zevon - Werewolves of London
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OK so here's how it goes. I didn't feel like being all super mathy-minded and shrinking down the video, so my apologies to your eyes for the deprivation of the scary man with coke bottle glasses singing about the mucho macabre(sp?), not to be confused with the chupacabra.

In any event I thought I would show a few pictures from the dance. Don't know if I'll be wearing the outfit again this year, but whatevs. All pictures were copied from the fb.

Cha Cha Boochie Cha Cha Cha Boochie ROLL CALL!

Who knows where that came from? OK so, every now and then I actually check out the little stat counter thing at the very bottom of my page.

Yeah, that thing, and you just thought it was for looks. HA! but I digress. Whenever I would check out the keyword thing, it always baffled me that people would come to my page from the google search of usps trivia. Well when I put it in guess who came up as numero quatro? Yeah that's right, me. Kinda funny, kinda scary.

Also for some inexplicable reason my November 2008 archive is the most frequented. Maybe it's because I did the 30 day post challenge or whatever it's called, I've got the badge thingy somewhere on here I think....

The numero uno is actually the title of my blog something about lemons and lemonade, but who does that? ;)

The other one was the mexican horse race game. *insert giggles here*

Some of the other randoms include, boss hogg's car, battlecat, and stickless caramel apples. Speaking of fountains of useles knowledge...

And finally if you type in when life throws you a lemon into the google search bar, my blog came up second. I dunno though I think that depending on the compy you use google becomes prejudice or predisposed to suss out the types of things you would normally select...Am I wrong?

Saturday, October 16, 2010

I Am...

...now officially a Certified Home Stager, not to be confused with being certifiable...which I have been for years. Not sure that I will actually get much business with this though, as I plan on simply doing this by word of mouth.

In other news. It's starting to cool off a bit here, and my hands are already getting crusty. I'm pretty sure you all wanted to hear that too. But what with typing and all, I notice it quite a bit more. Time to go apply some lotion, clean, and work.
Also, food for thought. I'm thinking of going as the ring leader master of the freak show for Halloween. It was originally supposed to be a regular old ringmaster.

But then I realized...oh wait my thighs already look like that IRL, maybe I should nix the riding pants? So I decided to rework this vest thingy that I'd bought a while ago with the intention of altering anyway.

Guess I should have done before & afters. But the before was only the vest, no extra frills or anything (ie the back laces.) In any event the more I was trying to plan my outfit around what I already have in my possession, the more I realized how dark it was going to look. I guess that begs the Q of how to do the make-up without becoming completely dark. I have to do the trial run, sometime this week as the dance is on Flyday. Which reminds me as part of the planning committee I've got a million and one things to do before now and then. ACK!