Saturday, April 13, 2013


I Love Music

I am planning on going to see Muse in concert this year.  This is because I had wanted to attend their free one during the March Madness concerts in Atlanta, but alas it fell on Conference weekend, so, no dice.  I found out about a week after it was on Conference weekend, that they would be broadcasting the entire event on the internet. Oh Yeah!

Well, long story short, I went to dinner with the girls during Priesthood session, it was less than five minutes from the house and slated to start at 7:00.  Figuring that even with the chatting we would be about an hour.  I was sorely mistaken, and more than slightly bummed when I saw, you guessed it, Muse on TV with the closed captioning showing the lyrics to their latest single on the screen.

When I came home, I decided that it wasn't really that big of a deal because I had got to spend time with a couple friends who I hadn't really had a good chance to talk to recently.

Fast forward to Monday morning, on the way to school I hear on the radio station discussion about how great the concert series was and that it really was more of a greatest hits rather than the single album promotion etc.  I decided right then and there that I didn't care where or how much, but that I wanted to go and see them in concert this. year.

When I got home and had the chance to check out their tour dates I was bummed out to learn that not only were they NOT appearing anywhere near where I am currently located, but that their schedule was either just before or just after I could attend. 

So to speed this up a little, about a week later I heard on the radio that they had added a stop to a location and hour and a half away. JOY! ELATION!

So I checked it out, kinda spendy for a ticket, but hey it was down on the floor. Woohoo!

Anyway I am planning to go, even though it is a school night, but I am really excited :D