Friday, August 31, 2007

Think cold thoughts....

Today's treat is due in great part to glittersmama. Thank you for the yummination...ok bad play on words, but who cares!?! This looks tasty.

The Urban Sombrero & Entenmann's

Blogs are like Seinfeld episodes. "Oh I'm out there" Essentially stories about nothing in particular, but still very funny when done right. Today, where I spend most of my days, we are celebrating birthdays, with the birthday individual's choice of sweet, usually some type of cake thing. This is a monthly occurrence.

Today for some reason I was reminded of this particular episode. Oh what a classic. Lady's mom never really appreciated it I think b/c it never really went anywhere as it was a show about nothing; but I digress...oh wait that's kind of the point here isn't it? :D

Thursday, August 30, 2007

61 Days & Counting…

OK It has been almost 3 months since I first decided that I wanted to learn Thriller for the day of the dead festivities. I am, in effect, no closer to the goal than when I first started. Do you still think I can do it??? I think so, but retention is another story. Maybe that will be the aim of my exercise for the next two months…
Then I might have some sweet legs like that chick on the right...or even be able to dance as well as Cha Cha.

It's a Family Thing

This morning, while being productive, I was reminded of at time when my sisters and I would lip sync to one of our favorite soundtracks at that time. Do not ask me why we liked it so much but we had our own little routine to go with it, so we'd pop in the CD and go to town. If we had had a video camera I'm sure the thing would have been on youtube by now. However seeing as that was not yet in existence at the time this will have to suffice.

Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Sweetly Inspired

Due to this morning's readings this particularly scrumptious tidbit has been on my mind all day long. Thank you Lady, GM & KGB.

Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Constant Craving

Normally I'm not a total choco-holic. However as of late I can't seem to get enough of these. I don't understand the obsession, but for some reason it just completely hits the spot. For today here is my nominated snack of choice. Who wouldn't love something that treats you so well?

Alternate Ending

Originally, at the end of the Inferiority Complex, I wanted a picture of something from a particular scene, but I'll settle for this instead. Carrot I hope you enjoy....

Back To School....

So tonight I start a ballet class w/ Methodical Wormer. I am unbelievably excited. :D Being my first class in over a year and a half, another story for another time, I had forgotten what is expected at this level. I'm going through a mental checklist of stuff that I should bring...

Tights - Check
I wish my legs looked that svelt ;)
Slippers - Check
Stylish Black Leotard Complements of Sew Hot - Check

My natural conditioning after five years in college told me that that was all I needed. The giddy school girl in me started asking what else do I need to bring. Heralding back to the times of yore when I was in Kindergarten. Not that I took ballet in Kindergarten, but just that slight feeling of something new and exciting mingled in with a little unpreparedness...

As it is the first day of class I don't truly expect that we will have to dress out for it, but I am prepared for that if nothing else.

Monday, August 27, 2007

I'm having a blogging inferiority complex....

My social insecurities strike again. Who knew that IRL issues or those that your mind comes up with would follow you into the blogosphere? Emotional baggage is heavy ;D
I'm coming up on having been here for almost a year now, and oddly enough although things have changed I feel that I am still relatively in the same position. On the outside looking in....(I know Koosabutt, "just jump right in the middle and make the biggest splash you can and who cares who you get soaking wet in the process, they'll love you for it later b/c they were looking miserably hot and bothered watching everyone else. OK I'll stop now before this gets any weirder). But some how that doesn't quite describe it, although I have made friends most of them have kind of taken their own path, not like behaving badly own path but just different directions that we were going before as in you go your way and I'll go mine. I try not to think too hard about this b/c I would regress into pity party table of one PDQ, but every so often I find myself unwittingly sucked into this by small thoughts of when my friends tell me oh yeah I'm engaged or oh yeah so and so and I are dating. Doesn't mean we aren't friends anymore b/c that would be lame, but it does mean our relationship has changed. Once again I get the back seat of the station wagon, you know what I'm talking about, the seat that is so ghetto that you are facing the rear and you get left watching everything that you've past and left behind instead of being able to see what's coming up the road. Just a sucker waiting to get smacked upside the head.

I feel most of my life has been this way. Granted I'm not even a quarter century, but there's been a lot that I've seen and done. Most of which I am grateful for, though on the outside people would ask what are you smoking? But that's what has enabled me to do some of the greater things I have and live through some very priceless experiences.

I'll get to the point I swear..."I'm working on a tangent, see most [women], they'll tell you a story straight through. It won't be complicated, but it won't be interesting either."

Where was I? Oh Yeah...
Over the past year there has been a lot that changed what I find remarkable is that looking at the situation it appears to be relatively the same. It kind of reminds me of this...

"Things are different, but the same."

Looking back over the past year I am amazed at the number of people I have met and those who have befriended me and left and those who have varying degrees. While I have gotten close with some, I don't think that I have found anyone else who truly gets me, they pretend to, and love me for my quirky charm & bouts of humorous insanity, but they all still try to impose themselves on my life and choice, which I guess is true of most anyone. I guess however that is what I meant when I said that I haven't found anyone who really gets me b/c for the person who gets me or at least what I am about, they would know what to say rather than telling me what they would choose to do....

Maybe I should just forget about seeking the advice of others? Although accepting responsibility for all of your actions 24-7 can be a little rough, why not abdicate my capacity and responsibility to choose. It would be so incredibly easy, but inevitably I would "hate myself in the morning" or at least as soon as I realized what I had done. Oh wait.... ;) It's that point where I have "thought my self into a corner" as a good friend of mine once put it. I've analyzed from many different angles and now I am almost afraid to make the move. When it comes down to it there is only one person who has to live with the decisions I make and that is me, everyone else can walk away, as much as they love me or claim to; their vested interest will never match that of my own or a very select handful of others.

Painting the floor!?! Who does that??? Wow this has taken an interesting meandering thought train...but what it comes back to is that feeling that although I have made some very good and helpful friends, I still feel very alone at times. The tough part is that I know these people would still be there for me if they knew how much I really needed them which leads me to two conclusions on this: (1) Either I've done a horribly sucky job at conveying what they mean to me or (2) They're too busy with their own lives.

I need to quit whining and go out and make more friends.
Will you be my friend? jkExcellent!!! ;)

Friday, August 24, 2007

Today's Special

For today’s delectable repast I nominate:

Chex Party Mix along with...

Snooby Snacks, all homemade of course ;)

Thursday, August 23, 2007

Afternoon Delight?

OK So I'm not quite sure where this recent obsession with sugar in the afternoons is coming from but honestly, at this point that is the least of my worries.... Today I thought "I think cavity in a can tastes like brownie batter only it has a little more sugar in it.... what if I added a little more flour and baking soda it would probably taste more like brownie batter then..."

Today's random thought was brought to you by the letter P & the number Q ;)

Oh, how we need each other!

“Heavenly Father has provided His daughters a haven from the harshness of the world.” –Bonnie D. Parkin [They’re called sisters;)]

To my mom, sisters, and very dear friends:

You have helped define me as a woman.

I am who I am because of these good women I have associated with—they are women who have encouraged me, who have loved me, who have believed in me.

Because of you no matter where I’ve been I have felt accepted, friendshipped, included, and loved.

We were born as sisters, but chose to be friends.
I love you!