Friday, February 27, 2009

Where HAVE You Been?

Can anyone name that movie?

In answer to the former question, I have been stuck in books, among other things. I’m not quite sure why I’m on this reading kick, maybe gearing up to go to school again? I knew I enjoyed reading, but this is like an obsession. Like I can’t read enough. In the past few weeks I’ve read about fifteen books, and am in the middle of five or six, and have another ten to go, and all this among trying to figure out my life’s direction for the next few years.

Sorry I’m not trying to brag about my “feats of leisure reading,” just state the facts of my current addiction. Reading is definitely a good thing, but I’ve got quite a lot to get done in these next few weeks. It’ll definitely be something of a trying time for sure. Especially since the weather feels all spring like down here in the sandbox. It’s 78 outside right now and the birds are chirping. I can almost hear the park calling my name and my stack of books to come out and play.

As my never ending to do list seems to keep growing in length I’m sure that I’ll be busy enough with out the reading, but it’s a great escape in and of itself.

In trying to find some good pictures of reading I did happen upon this particular list of facts. Definitely something to think about.

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

I'll have a Cup of the uhhh...

Rum Raisin. Yes, that quote comes from a very much lesser known and even lesser watched movie, Corky Romano.

Earlier this evening whilst doing some light blog stalking perusing. I realized that there was some annoyingly long website trying to open instead of just blogger. Well imagine my surprise when I realized that it had to do with the list of "followers" I had on my side bar. I investigated this and not only does it show who's following YOUR blog, but everyone else's blog that THEY follow and all the blogs that YOUR followers have. I must say, I'm definitely not a fan of this. I feel like it's a total invasion of privacy, and makes blog stalking that much more accessible.

I know.

I know.

I can always take this show in Tina Turner's foot steps and go private, but let's face it, I'm just too lazy busy right now.

Anyway, after trying and not very successfully might I add to rectify this annoyance, the following clip came to mind...

Since yootoob fails again to provide quality Pie-ray-ting ;) I've scavenged the quote
Paulie Romano: Get me a cup of the, uhh... rocky road there.
Ice Cream Vendor: Sir all of our flavors are on that sign there.
Paulie Romano: Oh, then just get me a cup of the pistachio.
Peter: Paulie, come on already.
Paulie Romano: Shut up.
Paulie Romano: [back to ice cream vendor]
Paulie Romano: Okay just get me the rum raisin then.
Ice Cream Vendor: The sign.
Paulie Romano: What are you lookin' at, huh? You suck. You suck suck suck.

*Blogger this one's for you...Well at least the first :51 seconds ;)

*I do not condone violence, however I felt this to be rather fitting, especially since I couldn't find my first particular scene of choice.

In any event I've eliminated the widget from my sidebar with extreeeeeme prejudice, and will be switching a few things around.

It’s Here! It’s Here!

It’s Finally Here!

OK So I’ve had this for a couple days now, but was busy trying to unearth find where I placed my camera, and find it I did!

I was super excited to get some good mail :D

Thank You!

Saturday, February 21, 2009

Uh... 300?

Have I really?
I think....
I think I did. Well there's 300 for me! Woohoo!
In honor of my 300th'ish post I have finally come up with something of an award that was mentioned a while back. The Long Haul Award.

This award goes to Glittersmama. Originally it was for the fact that she commented on pretty much I had written, but I think now it also applies for other more meaningful reasons. Love you!

With that in mind, I would also like to name a few additional recipients of this long overdue award.

b. for several reasons, but mostly for being there. ;) Thank you!

And last, but certainly not least would be Methodical Wormer, and if you(<--read MW) can't figure it out I'd really be surprised.

Commemorative T-shirts can be found here.

Friday, February 13, 2009

Mexican Horse Race

CQ taught us this game one year after she got home from EFY....

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

The Quiz Master

But before we get on with this post-go here. To win cash, cars & prizes! or uhhhhhhh something like that ;)

I'll wait I promise...

You came back!

OK So, on with the post!

Who is the teacher?

who is the student?

And who never bothered to go to class?

Monday, February 2, 2009

Another Nightmare on Elm Street!

Or Maybe just a bad epsiode of Night Gallery.(Name that movie) ICK!

So last night I had another semi-psychotic dream. OK so maybe my pen name isn't really that bad a descriptor but on with the story. So it was your average run of the mill dream which included some random assortment of friends from my ward and some that I just know from around the area here. I had gone camping and we were playing mini-golf in some really weirdish outdoors area, aka the woods and in some muddy area.

I was about to make the very last putt of the round and was approcimately a foot and a half away from the hole when one of said friends started commented that I was taking so long that there was no way I would miss the shot. For some reason this started others to talking. It was then that the scene started to change and the party of accompanying people did slightly as well. I found myself the same distance from the hole, but I was now in my parent's back yard. Not the new one, but the old one, with all the dead grass in it. Guess which blogger made a very brief cameo in my dream this time? People continued to chatter rudely whilst I was trying to finish up my shot which was completely distracting.

It was about then that I noticed a few spiders near the ball, so I tried to look away and wait for them to get out of the way because they weren't climging on me or my club, so I was just going to let them get out of the way. mistake#1. Mistake #2 started about two seconds after that genius decision when I was looking around to take in my surroundings a little bit more. ICK!

In doing so I noticed that there were other similar spiders and they seemed to be appearing at random but never too far from where I was or where I looked. It was really creepy and gross, so naturally I tried to run away or just get away, but they still appeared wherever I turned to try and escape their presence. It was then that I officially flipped out.

"Follow the spiders? Why can't it ever be follow the fluffy white bunny?"

I started backing away and stupid me there was something ropish looking nearby that was running across the backyard which I tried to grab on to in hopes of escaping said creature's presence, but dice. After grabbing said ropish thing which turned out to be a... power line? I'm still not even sure about that statement as it didn't shock me when I grabbed it, but then again the wire was coated and it was a dream. So after futiley reaching for an escape the only thing that happened was, another spider appearing on the rope where I was reaching, and I couldn't get away from it.

Needless to say, it was at this point I decided waking up would be highly beneficial to my mental health for the next 24 hours or so.