Wednesday, July 3, 2013

A Conundrum for the EWBL

So a couple weeks back when I was running errands rather early on a Saturday morning, I came across a song that I really liked. It was sounded like some kind of cross between a Simple Minds tune and Elvis Costello, and if I didn't know better might have been featured in a John Hughes-esque film. Well about a week after the fact I was scouring my available sources to figure out what the heck that song was because it kept reappearing in my brain during the quiet moments, but when I would try to elaborate or get my mind to find a lyric or recall any more than it wanted to, it kept "switching stations" and would provide me with other great songs, but not necessarily the one that I was looking for. Well when placed under extreme duress my brain extruded this little beauty. A throw back which I had completely forgotten about until last week. This is not the song I was looking for, and please excuse the crazy (as well as the free advertising for Sure), as I had never seen this video until I was looking for the song. I love me some keyboard synth ;D LOL upon a quick investigatory look at the Wikipedia this is another brit band I can add to my collection.