Thursday, August 20, 2015

Just Because

Sometimes when I look at words I KNOW I have spelled correctly, they still look wrong. I think this is a result of not enough sleep and poor diet choices short circuiting my brain cells :( Note to self:Do Better.

In More Realistic News

I've started journaling again. Not blogging like this, but an actual legit hand written book. The cover currently features Marvel Superheroes with the snarky statement that "I only Date Superheroes" hahaha I love it.

A New Personal Listening Trend

I came across her song, Oh My My, which I love that simple, old school, yet upbeat tempo and feel that song has. I immediately wanted to hear more of her repertoire and in so seeking and therein purchasing, I came to love this song.

Not that anyone will read this...

I am currently in the process of "branding" myself on social media.  This is a little daunting and crazy trying to separate my business and personal accounts...  In the meantime, I can't stand that creepy Ratchet pic so I'm posting to push it down the feed.  Enjoy Marilyn sorry for the totes inappropriate dressage.


I was reading one of those nonsense-y posts on Zimbio, something about Movie Bullies, Where Are They Now? and among those listed, I came across this one in particular.
Now I must admit, I have never seen this movie, so this was new to me. So take a closer look at that nurses arm patch there...I'll blow it up for your eyes to get a REALLY good look at the two most important parts I noticed...
 First was the descriptor and note how if you remove the words "her patients" what that might describe.  Taking a look at the next picture.......

Yeah does that symbol on her arm look familiar to anyone else???
 Yeah thought so.  Of course I thought of that part in Zoolander...
Also, it should be noted that of course after this particular noted similarity I googled Nurse Ratched, (which by the way I thought was spelled Ratchet, hahaha) and found that someone had done a little photo shopping even more hahaha.

Wednesday, July 3, 2013

A Conundrum for the EWBL

So a couple weeks back when I was running errands rather early on a Saturday morning, I came across a song that I really liked. It was sounded like some kind of cross between a Simple Minds tune and Elvis Costello, and if I didn't know better might have been featured in a John Hughes-esque film. Well about a week after the fact I was scouring my available sources to figure out what the heck that song was because it kept reappearing in my brain during the quiet moments, but when I would try to elaborate or get my mind to find a lyric or recall any more than it wanted to, it kept "switching stations" and would provide me with other great songs, but not necessarily the one that I was looking for. Well when placed under extreme duress my brain extruded this little beauty. A throw back which I had completely forgotten about until last week. This is not the song I was looking for, and please excuse the crazy (as well as the free advertising for Sure), as I had never seen this video until I was looking for the song. I love me some keyboard synth ;D LOL upon a quick investigatory look at the Wikipedia this is another brit band I can add to my collection.