Friday, August 28, 2009

Um, Could You Repeat That Please?

Yeah, so I'm sure some of you already saw this, but I thought that I should put it on the blog anyway. The other day I was informed, with all seriousness that,
"Biology has nothing to do with Nursing."
Oh yes, yes I was. To be honest after my initial wave of annoyance and frustration with the Nursing department secretary, I had a hard time not laughing in her face at the absurdity of that statement when taken completely out of context. So impressed by the hilarity of the statement I couldn't wait to get home to post it on the good ole FB, so I submitted it via the new cell (which I lurv, but that's another story).

This semester in school is already giving me great expectations of future blog fodder, I sincerely hope that it continues to produce with regularity and does not disappoint.

There was more to this, but I completely forgot where I was going with it, oh well. I'm sure I'll remember at a time that is utterly inconvenient. Back to the grindstone!

Thursday, August 27, 2009

The Following Story Is True...

Yesterday about roughly...uh soemtime after three, I was informed by BL that my room was messy. I laughed, mostly because this is true and secondly because he hadn't said anything sooner. I told him to wait just a minute because I had to go to the bathroom. Well of course he kept talking to me anyway. Well that made me giggle because most kids don't hang out outside the door while I'm bathrooming it up. Well I was also promptly told to stop laughing by BL. More laughter from me, and a why not? BL said, "Because it's not silly!" More giggling from me. I then asked him to go tell his mother.
It sounded like he got up and went to tell MW*, and when he came back he said, "She didn't laugh." Right then and there I knew he hadn't actually spoken to her. Upon finishing up in the WC, I approached MW, and recounted as super secrety as possible, the tale and she laughed quite heartily yet silently for BL was right behind me.

I love this kid he cracks me up! He also came up with his own nickname for me on my trip to the sandbox.

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Why yes! Yes, I am..

a nerd, but I've decided that when I finally finish school with a master's that I want people to call me Master. I've pondered upon this and realized that there might be some adverse effects to insisting on this recognition of my scholastic achievements such as when I go to abbreviate Master which would look something like this "Mr." or perhaps people just might confuse me with a 19th century prepubescent boy (ie Master Hawkins).

In other news I found out that they have hobbit tests at my new school.* Again this is a prime example of some fine higher edjamacashun here folks!

*OK so maybe it's not really a "hobbit" test, but how else would you pronounce "hobet" so that it doesn't sound like some illegal back alley casino?

Saturday, August 22, 2009

So That's How You Do It...

OK I'll admit I totally swiped this from a friend of mine on the FB, but it was too good not to pass up posting on the blog. My personal favorite move would have to be right around :36. I think I'll give that one a whirl at the next Stake function. ;)

And is it just me or does that dude in the red sweater remind any one of Kevin Nealon?(sp?)

Friday, August 21, 2009

Ah Facebook Facebook...

Thou art always good for a laugh.

Albeit slightly A-ppropriate.


Um....I need a job. Have you seen one lying around here recently? Thanks!

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Oh Weather Channel How I Love Thee Let Me Count The Ways...

Alrighty so this afternoon while getting some things together on the compy. Loofy had the TV parked on his usual favorite...The Weather Channel. Of course instead of playing the whole "this is the weather in your area" schpiel They had some interesting programs about extreme weather in different areas of the US. Well a little later when it did a little snapshot of the local weather, they were rockin the Herbie Hancock- Rock It, as well as a little Temptations- Papa Was A Rolling Stone.

Friday, August 14, 2009

PK Goes to CA

I spent last week in San Diego, and I have to say that Southern CA is quite nice for vacationing. clickety to biggefy.

Most if not all of these pictures were taken from the car while we were moving. Brings new meaning to the phrase drive by shooting.
Look, there's my hands and right arm! This is about as much of me as you will see in these photos.*

I am a sucker for a good panoramic scene shot

I actually spent quite a bit of time here reading and just watching the water in between our expeditions.

As well as interesting architecture.

The beach is almost always a gold mine for some good people watching.

Apparently this guy thinks so too.

Even the birds get into it.

It proved to be the home of some most excellent signage.

Does this actually certify as irony?
(For those of you who can't read those signs the lower one says, "Planned Parenthood Express" the one in the upper left corner says, "Episcopal Church 5 1/2 blocks to the left")

Thank you Captain Obvious!

I'm pretty sure that I saw this truck whilst traversing the country earlier this year. Only I couldn't find my camera fast enough.

Somehow this motto just explains soo much.

I even picked up a little extra religion while I was down there.

I should explain this picture a little better. Aside from just being funny. This kid was conveniently located outside the neighborhood banking branch.

After driving around for a while, I thought CA couldn't get any better. Apparently I was wrong.

Here's your gratuitous bacon. Pretty sure that if I had turned the camera a little more to the left it would read Quik Stop Bacon.

Yes I took all these pictures myself.

As BW would say, "Catch you on the flipper."

*This is actually an exercise in covert ops recon. For those times when it pays to be super sneaky and secrety.

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Mission:Vacation, Objective:R & R

You remember this post right? Well I had the genius notion that it will become my vacation trademark.
The silver thingy on the bag looks close enough to a cat for my liking so there you have it, the bag will be your tour guide on my vacation recaps. Trust me it's much better than a fakie picture of me posing like a moron in front of whatever random object I find worthy of obtaining photographic evidence while proving I was really there, isn't my idea of fun.

With that in mind I also have to say that having a blog has greatly changed my perspective and ideas on what is picture worthy. As a matter of fact most of the items/views I choose to take snapshots of are mentally prefaced by thoughts somewhere along the lines of "Heck YES!" or "This will make perfect blog fodder!" "OOH random double entendre signage!"

I've decided that even if the purse falls apart...which it will eventually one day do(sad, but true), I will cut that pocket off and keep it for the vacation/travel purpose alone.

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Pardon Me While I Quit Making Excuses For Myself

Yeah I've been doing lots of complaining lately and some heinous pity partying. I'm at that nervous stage before I start school again. The one where you're so nervous/excited by the anticipation of an upcoming event that it might actually compromise bladder control.

So I'm going to be off for a few days trying to get my act together so that when school starts I'll still be enrolled. ;)

Monday, August 10, 2009

More Cuckoo Than Ever

1. I just remembered that I have obligations to fulfill before this year is out.

2. Things are currently crazier than they have been in a while, and I feel there is no reprieve in sight just yet. What's worse is I can't seem to find a single place that is quiet in the whole house and there are currently only three people here. Sad but true. I need soem serious quiet room to sort out my thoughts and think. This sucks because when my thinking needs to be done in front of a computer it's usually in the same room as several other activities which are quite noisy and I can't focus. I don't want to be self-centered/overly selfish, but I seriously need to get some crap done around here before school starts! agh! dude...just call me Charlie Brown.

3. Maybe some day I'll get around to posting about my summer travels I've got a theme and everything worked out, but unfortunately it's at the end of a long list of other stuffs to get done over the next couple of weeks.