Friday, October 31, 2008

Moody Moose...



Is anyone there?

Is anyone there?

Apparently there's an echo in here. Well maybe if I take the echo mike away from my face it might help ;)


That's better.

Where was I?

Oh yes I remember. I am feeling lamer than lame tonight. Why is that? you ask.

Well I'll tell you...and you'll sit there reading every.last.word. I can tell because you already are.

Not to go all emo/goth or anything, but here's the's Halloween. One of the rare exceptions where you can dress like a crazy person and people congratulate you rather than stare you down while wondering why they didn't program the insane asylum's number into their speed dial.

I miss being able to dress up whenever just because I felt like it...oh to be 5 again...ok maybe not.

I Digress.

So back to the dilemma at hand. There are about five different parties going on tonight, and unlike most Hallows eves this one happens to be on a Friday night, when you can play as late as you want and don't have to worry about being awake for work the next morning.

Yours truly is so codependent that she feels she needs friends as her security blanket in order to be seen in social events such as these. However, since her friends are being lame, and without good reason mind you, she's having a pity party for one.woo.

I even had a super rockin outfit planned and everything complements of Lady This royally sucks. Let the suckfest begin.

I would even go running to get out and feel better about things, but sadly all the little trick-o-treaters would probably just stare at me and then pass me in their sugar frenzied rushes.

I'll quit whining now.

Thank you.

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Hello My Name is Simon & I Like to Do Draw-rings

Did I ever tell you about the time some guy drew my picture? No? Well here it goes. One evening this particular dude had invited me over to hang out. No big, we had hung out before.

On previous hangy-outty occasions it was established that we both enjoyed drawing, although I draw differently than he does. I look at the blank page and draw what I see there in the paper. Kinda like that one dude in Heroes, but I don't need any drug induced hallucinations to do it. I'm just that crazy. It comes naturally to me.

He draws what he sees or to attempt specificity more realistic, non-idealized things. I'd seen some of his previous sketches or pieces as it were and they weren't too bad. Well he'd invited me over and he had found some game cover and other inanimate objects for still life inspiration for our drawing session. I had actually picked back up on a previous sketch that I had been working on.

When I draw I get very engrossed in the work that everything else kind of gets tuned out. It barely registered to me that he was drawing, until my mind wandered briefly from the work in front of me, and I was suddenly hyper aware that he was drawing a picture of me as I was drawing. I had not yet seen the drawing, but I just knew that he was. It was an awkward feeling to say the least.

When I reached a stopping point, he informed me that he had decided to draw me instead of the inspiration pieces. I think it freaked me out a little more than it flattered me...not gonna lie.

"That woman was me........And the artist? PabloPicasso."

Your reward for sticking through this post with me?
I was gonna post a vid of this but couldn't find it...bummer.

Saturday, October 25, 2008

Costume Ideas...

Your results:
You are Wonder Woman

Wonder Woman
The Flash
Green Lantern
Iron Man
You are a beautiful princess
with great strength of character.

Click here to take the "Which Superhero are you?" quiz...

Thursday, October 23, 2008

I'm Just Sayin'

My Oh MY! A little while back...about a month ago or so, I was sitting in my cube minding my own beez-wax as per usual and received an IM from one of my coworkers. John S. he let me know there was an order waiting to be released and asked if I would do it. I responded that I would, but also to expect more orders on this account as well as another affiliated account since it was the first of the month. I quickly closed the window figuring the conversation was over.

John S. IMs me frequently throughout the day so I didn't really think anything of it half the time it's work related the other half = goofing off a little or just trying to stir the pot.

Living in my own little bubble inside the bubble of my that's bubbly! But I'm not too much of a bubble head though. I Digress.

John S. responded and this is what ensued...

John S: account#1 orders at different times throughout the month... but account#2 orders almost all at the beginning of the month...
PK: I'm just sayin'
2 minutes...(haha)
PK: I thought it was John S2
John S: Sorry for what?
John S: Oh got ya
PK: b/c I don't see their orders come up all the time
John S: It's because you are slackin', aren't you?
John S: We should all take today as a slacker day...:D
John S: We should just nap all day!
PK: S2 im's me throughout the day so my mind only registered John S. ;) It wasn't until he sent me a message after you did that I realized :$
John S: Ha ha ha ... you would not believe how many people IM throughout the day asking me to release orders for them...
John S: I just reply back "NO" and don't correct them... just to see if they are paying attention...
PK: lol
John S: ;) Just like being a little wicked!

Semi Simultaneously
John S2: PK....(this was the point at which I realized that it was not the John S I thought it was)
John S2: just curious....
John S2: who handles account#1? I asked Moe and she told me she doesn't handle it, and Little Helper hasn't released it... I am just concerned.....
John S2: do you know?
John S2: ;)
PK: me
PK: lol
PK: holy crap
John S2: crap isn't holy.
John S2: sheesh
John S2: are you smokin crack?
PK: uhh maybe (this response came after the realization and apology to John S)
PK: I thought John S was you
PK: and I was little flippant in my response on this order
John S2: I am John
John S2: hahahahahahahahhaahhahaa
John S2: you are a strange one...
PK: I just gave a heads up that we would probably be seeing quite a few more orders from this account#1 as well as account#2
PK: since it's the beginning the month and all
PK: here's what followed
John S2: oh Lord, help me!
PK: (Insert first conversation here)
John S2: hahahhahahahaahhaaa
John S2: that is hilarious...
PK: haha you're funny
John S2: sometimes...
John S2: are you telling me or S1?
PK: no you
PK: S1's off
John S2: hahhahahhahhahhahaa
PK: and I'll probably pay closer attention now!
John S2: oh yeah
John S2: otherwise I may find out your secrets
John S2: hahahahahaahahhahahaa
John S2: Wahahahahahahahaaa!
PK: silly silly

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

In Training

HAPPY BIRTHDAY MB!!! Wish I was there to teach you how to ride the digger down the stairs!
Love ya CQ

Friday, October 17, 2008

Exhibit 291-4A

Just in case you needed further evidence that I am in fact crazy, here’s one more.

Throughout my time at school, I had developed something of a secret burning passion of detest for doing laundry. Don’t get me wrong. I don’t mind doing laundry in and of itself. I just hate having to lug all of my dirty laundry around in front of others…including all the unmentionables. I know it’s a fact of life and everything, that didn’t bother me quite so much as having to come up with the quarters to do it all. That was the real pain.

Oh, lest I forget that I am also paranoid about my clothes being stolen from the public laundry areas lasting a long time, and I’d had enough fiascos with “untested” washers and dryers to keep me rather leery of just washing when I felt like it. One fatal wash & dry cycle could make a brand new article of clothing look three years old or like it was made for a three year old.

One day in my fed-up-ish-ness, and with the biggest pile of black clothing. No, there’s nothing really significant about the color, it’s just that most of my workout clothes at the time were black, and I had quite a lot of them. But I digress. I knew I didn’t have enough quarters; and it was Saturday, which meant all of the washers were taken any way. I decided what would possibly be more efficient, and I would know exactly how much abuse my clothing would get, if I were to wash it by hand instead.

So I did just that. I filled up the tub, poured a little detergent in, and threw in the clothing…all of it.

Oh yes.

Yes I did.

It wasn’t too bad actually and for the amount of time that it would take the normal wash cycle of a washing machine to complete one load I had washed approximately 2.67 loads. I was quite pleased with the result, and the kicker was that since it was such a nice day out I was able to hang it out to dry…*please note that all the wash that was publicly “aired” was not of a personal nature, and it was clean laundry not the dirty kind. ;)

I guess I still paid for that load of laundry, but at least I didn’t have to find quarters to do it. ;)

Wednesday, October 15, 2008


A little glitter makes EVERYTHING better! Today She is two! It's party time!

For a little light entertainment go here. Then clickety on Lord of the Engagement Ring. It's pretty silly.

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

3 Things

For our enrichment this month we all had to bring three things to represent something that most people don’t know about us. As per usual I threw it together very last minute. Thank goodness I keep quite a bit of junk paraphernalia in my car. What I came up with seemed to be repeated quite a bit, my excessive love for music, dance, and blogging.

I was surprised though that one other girl fessed up to having a blog which "she is addicted to," however I was able to trump that by sharing that I had the honor of meeting a couple of my bloggy friends.

I still don’t think that those things really encompass the deeper part of me. It makes everything about me seem relatively trivial, not that I don’t enjoy reading blogs and being able to keep up with friends that way, which reminds me…I’ve got a lot of catch up reading to do. ;)

I guess the point is that I was thinking about this about a week after the fact and I realized that there were other things I want to share that would mean more to me, but now that I really think about it would have probably been slightly awkward to say a loud. For some reason I have always found it easier to say the really difficult things and things that are close to my heart are more easily expressed in writing or in type, hence the blog.

Anyway here are 3 things about me that most people don’t know.

1) I don’t hate anybody. Sure I may get upset with the things they do to me, but it is usually short lived. Por ejemplo: There is this girl who I was friends with, I got upset about something I chose to do at her suggestion and she thought I was taking it out on her. Since then she chose to ostracize me from her very “elite” and cliquish circle. Her choice. I have tried to be cordial towards her and harbor no ill will, as a matter of fact she left the ward for a while and when she returned, she was just as stank as ever up to her same old tricks, but the first thought I had was "I’m glad she’s back, it’s good to see her here again."

2) I find that for me, it is relatively easy to care about people and love them. It is for this reason I could never be a psychologist. I internalize way too much, and tend to react emotionally towards things. For instance, even if something I hear doesn’t make me personally happy, but I know that others are happy I can’t not be happy for them. I think if people ever found out how much I really cared about things and them it would either creep them out to no end or…sadly I can’t really think of anything at this point to finish on a positive note. The creepy outey-ness is usually what hampers any real expression of this.

3) I am a touchy feely kind of person. This should make sense given number 2. I really like hugs I enjoy giving and receiving them. Sadly when I entered college is when I realized that not everybody is comfortable with hugs. With that new lesson learned, my natural instinct was to not hug anymore. I think that this left something of a gap in my need for touch in general. It was at the suggestion of my favorite sister ;) that I find a hugging buddy. Somebody who like me enjoys giving and receiving hugs. It made a big difference. I also find that my friends who are ok with hugs are generally the ones I look forward to seeing the most.

It’s out there...and now that I feel thoroughly awkward, I’m just glad that the people who read my blog don’t see me on a regular basis.

Man, that was a little too serious, so we’ll end with a silly.

Throughout the day I will randomly think of scenes in movies, and quotes from movies that apply situationally, but of course because the references are usually so obscure, I’m the only one who thinks that it is funny.

Right along with that is the fact that I still enjoy watching a multitude of movies from when I was a kidlet, and I think some of them still make me laugh just as hard if not more so than when I was a kid, while others effectively scandalize.

Monday, October 13, 2008

Duh Duh Duh


I love you!


Friday, October 10, 2008

Thursday, October 9, 2008

Final Trailer!

I know that this won't be super exciting for everyone who stops in, but I'm a little stoked :D

*Updated: This is what I was looking for.

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

My Trip to the Orange Hardware Store

So for my upcoming activity, I’m building a Plinko board with the help of my lovely assistant BonBonz. Since we have only a mere 5 days to finish preparing, we decided to get started on it last night. I met her at her house, and from there we traversed to the local hardware store in order to procure the needed supplies. It was decided that we would take her car, which looks something like this.

Since it was so nice out last night she wanted to go topless…the car not her. When we ride in her car it is quite normal for jealous guys people to stare, especially when we are at stoplights. This evening was really no different than usual. It always makes me giggle when people act so silly. (Insert eye roll here).

We strolled into the Orange store and started meandering the aisles. This particular store was pretty deserted even by normal standards. So we navigated our way to the nail & screw aisle…where strangely they also have chains, rope and bungee cords…double entendre or no? While we were en route to that particular aisle we were greeted by several of the store employees as per usual for two females wandering around a hardware store.

We weren’t in any big rush just having fun talking and laughing. Right as we were coming up on said aisle one of the employees approached us to see if we needed help finding anything. It wasn’t obnoxious it was genuine, but it genuinely caught us off guard when we looked at him…not gonna lie he was kind of a cutie. We were nice, promptly said “No thank you,” and headed on to our destination aisle.

So in debating trying to decide which type of nail to use, I suggested it might be better if we picked out the board first. So we went to the end of the aisle and headed to the next one over to decide on our board medium (drywall, plywood, etc). While wandering slowly down the aisle we were again approached by Mr. May I Help You?

Let me clarify that in situations like these I usually default to BonBonz because she is more adept at coming up with the right things to say. Translation she’s more confident than I am. Anyway she explained to him what we were doing and that it was for one night only.

My brain, which is constantly in hyper overdrive due to the ADDness, was ready to fire off a dumb remark about how it was only for one night so we needed something quick, cheap, and easy. I started to say it, but it was very quietly, and I knew it would not come out as funny as I thought it was, so I shut my pie hole.

Mr. MIHY was very nice and helped us find something that was cheap enough and recommended the type of nail for our little project. In his parting remarks he said if you need help out to your car with this let us know.

We went back over to the nail section and picked out what we needed and then attempted to head over to the paint section. BonBonz brought up an interested point. She said Wally World has paint too and it’s CHEAPER…

“Yes, we’ll take the chipper chicken.” (Who can tell me what movie that’s from?)

So we paid for our stuff and departed to the topless Jeep.

And this my friends is where it gets interesting.

We were giggling at the mere thought of how we were going to transport this 4X8 piece of lumber back to the casa de BonBonz. We tried to think of somebody who would have a truck that could assist us in this endeavor. No dice, either no truck or no answer. Left to our own devices to figure it out we hoisted it up on top of the Jeep. We also determined that we would need something to make sure that the wood stayed up there for the remainder of our journey.

I ventured back in to the store to find some bungee cords. I headed down the aforementioned aisle and there were two males there one in an orange apron who was cutting chain for a customer. I surveyed the scene briefly as I was scouring the aisle to find said bungees. As I wandered down the row in search of my fastenings I inevitably crossed paths with the two men who were there. I politely excused myself as I passed by and then found said cords. I made my pick and then headed back out the way I came.

The guy with the bucket of chains excused himself from the middle of the aisle when I walked back down. I was busy thinking about other things and just humming to myself and gently tossing the container with the bungees in it. I felt strangely aware that I was being watched off and on while I headed to the register. I paid and headed out the door.

Throughout my entire time in the store that evening I was off and on dancing around a little, mentally humming (yes I was…think something like Frank Sinatra’s Strangers in the Night……doobie doobie doo…), and would randomly make weird noises as a result of my interior monologue and randomness. Wow after expressing all that I’m surprised I haven’t been locked up for being crazy!

I digress.

As I was heading towards the door, the lady who had rung up the board and nails asked, “Back already?” I let her know that we needed something to keep the board on top of the car, and continued on my way. When I was walking out the door I noticed the bucket chain guy was coming out at the same time I was. I kept walking towards the Jeep and noticed BonBonz sitting in the Jeep playing games on her phone.

I opened the passenger side door and set my purse in there on the floor, and handed the first bungee to her. It was then that Chains in Bucket came over and asked us if we knew what we were doing/ if we needed help. Again I didn’t really turn around since BonBonz was already facing him I let her handle it. He stayed there for a second and then remarked how much he liked her Jeep and said, “It’s hawt.” She said thank you and I had to bite my lip to keep from laughing. I don’t remember exactly what happened or how he left, but he returned to his car, which was only a few spaces closer to the store than the Jeep.

After he took off BonBonz and I started laughing about that while we tied the board down with the bungees. Unfortunately we had to wrap the bungees around door so we had to go Dukes of Hazzard style in and out of the car. I did OK climbing through the window…BonBonz on the other hand had a little difficulty. When we ran to Wally World for the paint, she tried to open the door, but it didn’t work and we both chuckled about that one, but she ended up climbing out the back and remarked, “This is why people don’t have secks in Jeeps!” I almost fell the rest of the way out the window laughing.

When we finally made it back to her casa we put the board in the garage and set to painting. It was very therapeutic. After a good base coat, we called it good for the night and watched Baby Mama. I still have mixed feelings about this movie. There were parts I liked, and parts that I hated.

Thursday, October 2, 2008

What’s In A Name?

I was I so often do...about names.

It helps that I come across a seemingly endless supply of them at work, but I was thinking about the name Jed. Completely random, as I don’t know anybody by that name IRL nor even among MOLFs. SO always wanting an answer for that which I don’t know, but is currently mystifying my mind, I headed over here. Where I entered my query...

And guess what I saw?

Wait do mine eyes deceive me?


They don’t.

That’s right. Check out that one. Second from the bottom.

While it might be cool to have your name mean something apparently blessed, your child will also be blessed…to have an excessive amount of negative attention at his disposal as he pretends his stuffed animals are Ewoks, and yes, he has even named one after his pint-sized mentor who is ironically still shorter than your son, Master Yoda.

Hopefully you will have instilled enough tact into your child to keep him from referring to your local Big Bertha as Jabba the Hut. But remember...

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Excuse Me, I'm Trying to Pout a Little

Just don't trip over my lip. If you see me shedding a few tears this might be why. I'm pretty sure I'll still check it on a regular basis though.

***UPDATED TO ADD: Apparently that was just a disclaimer, not the beginning of the end! YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS!!!!!!!!***